Knowledge and Learning.

Things I'm Learning

These are things I'm learning at home and at school:

  • HTML5 and CSS3

    I'm just getting started.

  • Music Theory

    Using Alfred's essentials of music theory

This is my oratorical speech.

The topic is How My Passions Impact the World.

How my passions Impact the World. My passion is texting and driving. Texting and Driving is a terrible thing. You can get into accidents or get severly hurt.

Someone once said"Never text while driving I think what you have to tell someon, is less inportant than your life. Have you ever gotten nervous when someone was texting while drivng? I know I have because when my friends mom was texting wile driving I told her I got very nervous she then put her phone away. Here are sme tips to help.One,keep your phone off.Two,put our phone in a cubby out of sight. Finally,tell someone you get very nervous when they text and drive they will probabally put there phone away.

There was a story of a man who texted "I love you " to his wif and hit three children. Thats a reason not to text and drive texting and driving can lead to argueng. I'm telling you this because my mother was texting and driving and then my brothers started to yell.

My reason for my passion is one, it's against the law, but people get away with it every day. Texting while driving can distract you because lets say your at a red light turns green and your still there texting and driving agnd every oes honking there horn at you.

There is another story of a women named Kayla Preuss andshe died of sevarel head injeries. The phone department stated she was texting right before the inoccen started. I told you texting and driving could be severe.

Texing and driving is equivalent to pulling the breaks going uphill. I can list some more reasons why texting and driving is a terrible thing. One, whats the point of texting and driving.What value does it give you. Two is worth getting into an accident?Finally is it worth dying.

My passion is for people not to get hurt.Thats how my passions Impact the world.